Faculty: Clinical Trials Design and Research Graduate Certificate

December 01, 2022
January 09, 2023
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Webinar: Drug Development and Pharmacogenomics

Listen in as program directors Dr. Pankaj Desai and Dr. Carrie Hoefer discuss the program, curriculum, work-life balance, online school, and answer questions from the audience.

Community Learn From Nationally Renowned Faculty

The faculty staff for drug development have significant industrial experience and deep academic expertise. This unique combination of experience and expertise greatly adds to the training capabilities and strength of the program.

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Training Faculty for Drug Development

  • Pankaj Desai, Ph.D. Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences Division
  • Richard Schwen, Ph.D., DABT, RAC Adj. Professor & Vice-President of Regulatory Affairs, Ausio Pharmaceuticals
  • Jianfei Jeff Guo, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacoeconnomics
  • William Seibel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Oncology Department, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Daniel Shelly, Ph.D., MBA Adj. Professor, Director of Business Development, R&D Externalization, and Clinical Development at Albumedix
  • Nimita Dave, Ph.D., Senior Clinical Pharmacokineticist AbbVie Inc. Adj. Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Brenna Carey, Ph.D., MSDD Adj. Assistant Professor & Project Manager at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • Cindy Rodenberg, Ph.D., Adj. Professor, Head of Statistics for Women’s Health at P&G
  • Niteen Bapat, Ph.D., Adj. Professor, Senior Scientist at P&G
  • Ruth Stevens, Ph.D., Adj. Professor, Chief Scientific Officer/Executive VP at Camargo Pharmaceutical Services
  • Christopher Anderson, Ph.D., Adj. Professor, Clinical Project Manager Director at IQVIA

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