Careers: Marketing Graduate Certificate

August 08, 2022
August 22, 2022
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The certificate provides flexibility in selecting electives to appeal to four career tracks:

  • Practice Building: This track is for the new attorney, doctor, accountant, architect, etc., who is planning to start or join a private professional practice. Course work is aimed at demand generation — those skills and activities designed to bring more customers into the practice.
  • Corporate Marketing: This track is for the pharmacologist, nurse, scientist or other specialist seeking roles in the large corporate setting. Course work is aimed at corporate marketing — those skills and activities designed to build brand and manage large product portfolios.
  • Creative Services Marketing: This track is for the designer, artist, musician or technician in the creative field who wants to succeed at commercializing their creations. Course work is aimed at understanding and spanning the creator-consumer interface: developing conceptual tools and marketing skills designed to understand clients, communicate meaningfully about creative products and sell them successfully in the marketplace.
  • Technical Sales: This track is designed for the engineer, scientist or other technical expert who seeks to join a firm working directly with customers — sales, customer service or field consulting. Course work is aimed at selling — those skills and activities designed to succeed in a large technical, customer-facing, field organization.

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