Tuition: Pharmacy Leadership Graduate Certificate

Tuition: Pharmacy Leadership Graduate Certificate
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Program Fee Overview

Program Fee Part-Time (total cost per credit hour)
Instructional Fee $699.00
General Fee $39.80
ITIE Fee $18.00
Distance Learning Fee $26.20
Total Cost per Credit (Resident) $783.00
Non-Resident Surcharge $15.00
Total Cost per Credit (Non-Resident) $798.00
Costs are subject to change at any time. Full-Time total costs are total tuition costs per semester.

Total for Graduate Certificate (15 Credit Hours)

  • Ohio Resident Total: $11,745
  • Non-Resident Total: $11,970

Scholarship Opportunities

The Taylor-Frank Fund was endowed to provide scholarships designated for graduate student support. The Marianne F. Ivey Fund was endowed to provide scholarships designated for graduate student support in the Pharmacy Leadership Program. Together, these funds provide annual scholarships awarded to students pursuing the Graduate Certificate or Master’s Degree in Pharmacy Leadership.

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Scholarship Application Deadlines
  • August 1 for Fall semester awards
  • December 1 for Spring semester awards
  • April 1 for Summer semester awards
Evaluation Criteria for the Award

Currently, enrolled students and those who have been accepted for admission in the Pharmacy Leadership graduate program are eligible to submit a scholarship application.

All applications will be considered, with preferences for high academic performance, practice and professional engagement, demonstrated financial need, and diversity.  Preference will be given to those who belong to an underrepresented minority group.

Additional information will be accessed from the applicant’s application dossier as needed.

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Most of what is done to secure aid as an online student is the same as traditional students. Your aid eligibility is also very much the same. The one caveat is understanding part-time vs. full-time status because online students are often part-time. Part-time students should be aware of how grants can adjust based on enrollment and how taking annual loan amounts can more quickly get a student to their aggregate loan limit.

The Student Financial Aid Office is here to assist you in planning your academic career and using your available aid to meet your educational goals.



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