Different tracks within the Master’s of Respiratory Therapy

Whenever someone is deciding to go back for a Master’s degree the question inevitably circles back to “why”? What is the point of putting in years of hard work, money, or other sacrifices to obtain an advanced degree? This question can only be answered by each individual person. Some people decide to go back to further their careers. Other individuals go back because they want to move their careers in a different direction. A different group may go back because they want to have an impact on others beyond their current role offers. All of these reasons, and many others, can have a profound impact on the decision-making process towards furthering your career. Luckily, there are many different tracks within the Master’s of Respiratory Therapy program.

The Master’s in Respiratory Therapy helps provide an outlet for people that are looking to make a career move by opening up new avenues to explore. By enrolling in the MSRT program, students can learn the fundamentals of leadership within the pulmonary space. There are three tracks that a person can go down that can drastically change the direction of someone’s career. The key to this move is that it will help each individual develop a unique set of skills that will help them move away from the bedside and into a functional role designed to help other Respiratory Therapists.

Program Tracks


As the population continues to age, the need for the next generation of Registered Respiratory Therapists and Bachelor’s in Respiratory Therapist degree holders are also going to increase. There is a need for more educators within the Respiratory Care space. Another reason to consider this path is that these individuals would move away from the bedside and into the classroom fostering the development of future Respiratory Therapists. Teaching unique skills will help their students move to the forefront of the field with a strong technical skillset.

Health Administration

Within the track of Health Administration, the Master’s of Respiratory Therapy can help RTs learn how to be a future leader within the health care space. Someone that is on this path would oversee a team while providing executive leadership and oversight within the respiratory care unit. This individual will help shape the strategic vision and direction of this division moving forward.

Health Informatics

If you ever had an interest in IT, then the Health Informatics track might be the route to go within the MSRT program. Health Informatics focuses on data analytics, technology, and innovation within the healthcare industry. The health industry continues to move towards a digital world and with this concentration, someone can stay ahead of where the market is going in the future.

Certainly, the field will continue to evolve. There is a growing need for people to move into these various leadership roles. By starting within this program now, you are setting yourself up in the future for success. These are concentrations that are dictated by the direction of the market and where the health industry is headed. Invest in yourself now with the University of Cincinnati Online and learn from world-class faculty members. To speak to a representative click here and invest in your future today!

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