How Course Curriculum and Instruction Expertise Benefits Your Teaching Career

As the field of education continues to evolve, educators must continue to adapt and grow as well. They not only have to excel at leading in-person and virtual classes, but they must still find time to explore more effective, creative instructional methods to keep their students engaged in learning.

If you hit the point in your teaching career where you yearn for something new — whether it’s a new job in education or new ideas to inspire your classroom — laser-focusing on curriculum and instruction could be a path to explore.

One way to get inspired and reinvent your teaching career is to consider a Master of Education (M.Ed.) centered on curriculum and instruction. With numerous options available, choosing the right one will be critical. First, you want the most value for your time and money. The program must be contemporary and customizable to your interests. And, if you’re like most educators today, you need a program you can complete without having to travel to and from class in the evenings or on weekends.

University of Cincinnati (UC) Online’s M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction fits the needs of today’s educators who want to grow their understanding of how to design better curricula and be seen as advanced instructional specialists. Read on to see if UC Online meets your criteria for the best program for you.

You may wonder what type of educators choose this program. According to Dr. Anna Fricano DeJarnette, Program Coordinator[RM(1] [ES(2], the typical M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction student is a licensed K–12 teacher or an educator working in a traditional or non-traditional setting, such as a science museum or state park. More specifically, UC Online’s program is excellent for educators with experience as licensed teaching professionals, education administration professionals, STEM coordinators, and school or district gifted leaders.


Get to know Dr. Anna DeJarnette, Associate Professor of Math Education and Program Coordinator
for the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction degree, in this faculty spotlight article.

Online Program’s Mission: Develop and Inspire Educational Leaders

Curriculum and instruction are at the heart of education. Specifically, the curriculum is the content used in student learning, and instruction is the process through which students’ understanding is achieved. M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction provides the critical skills you need to design impactful learning environments for your students. At UC Online, you learn the core competencies required to influence and manage others, which furthers your leadership skills.

The 100% online coursework is designed for practicing teachers and educator professionals interested in planning, developing, and implementing instructional programs in school and non-school settings. Because your UC Online experience will be significantly influenced by those you learn from, courses are led by nationally renowned faculty, whose collective mission is to develop educational leaders.

Jobs for Teachers with Expertise in Curriculum and Instruction

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction equips you with hands-on tools to sharpen your classroom practices. Earning a master’s degree in this emerging, specialized field can position you for career-advancing opportunities, a coveted promotion, or a salary increase.

What roles could this degree open up for you?

UC Online program graduates have been eligible for a variety of leadership roles in their respective communities, such as:

– Curriculum and Instruction Specialist
– Curriculum Design Manager
– Education Specialist
– Principal Leadership
– Public, Private, Parochial, Magnet, or Charter School Educator
– Museum or Religious Organization Educator
– Textbook and Curriculum Representative
– Government Education Specialist

Gifted, STEM, and PreK-12 Student Curriculum and Instruction

Today, there’s a growing need for custom curriculum and instruction for gifted students and those in STEM programs. Our M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction program covers three areas of concentration — and this is a program aspect that gets positive feedback from students!

Concentration areas are taught by faculty with specific expertise in the following areas:

STEM Education: 

·       Enhance your understanding of STEM education. Courses help you grasp science, math, technology, and engineering concepts, so you can integrate STEM content into your classroom instruction.

·       Work with problem-based and project-based models in mathematics and science and implement technology effectively in the classroom.

·       Design a technology-based learning environment and evaluate theories through digital media, games, or other innovative technologies.

Gifted Education:

·       Apply constructs learned in class to a field experience, including developing, implementing, and publishing lesson plans for gifted, talented, or creative students.

·       Discuss contextual elements such as cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity and disposition that influence your assessments.

·       Apply theories and methods to the classroom by engaging in teaching and action research activities. Learn more about Gifted Education.

Teaching and Learning – General Studies: 

·       Grow your expertise in PreK-12, informal, and higher-education settings with a comprehensive focus on curriculum and instruction.

·       Develop deep knowledge in teaching, learning, and educational research within a mutually agreed upon area with your advisor.

·       Use your capstone project as an opportunity to enrich your current teaching environment.

What it Takes to Earn an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. DeJarnette realizes it can be challenging for busy teachers to carve out time for a specialized master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. When asked what advice she would give her educator-students, Dr. DeJarnette says it’s to be true to their vision. “It can be hard for teachers to do this,” she says. “If they reflect on what they learn here and what they know about their students, then blend that knowledge with their own desires for teaching, that’s success.”

We know getting a master’s degree in education is a big step and one that takes time to make. As you consider what an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction degree might mean to your career as an educator, remember that:

·       Our university is fully accredited by the Council of the Accreditation of the Educator Preparation, and U.S. News & World Report ranks University of Cincinnati in the top 50 Online Master of Education programs for 2022.

·       The program is available 100% online, and there is no obligation to travel to the University of Cincinnati to complete it.

·       UC Online offers start-to-graduation support, tailored to you and designed for your success, and is with you every step of the way.

·       Our instructors and staff understand the needs of adult students who need to juggle work, life, and other responsibilities alongside their educational obligation.

·       You can enroll in the spring, summer, or fall, and any credits you have elsewhere should be easy to transfer to UC Online

Our M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction program is creatively designed to power up your career, help you find new success in the classroom, and reinspire you to continue doing what you love.

For more information about this program, contact us today. Dr. DeJarnette, her fellow instructors, and our UC Online staff are here to offer start-to-graduation support. Why not take the next step to learn more?

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