Curriculum: Master of Legal Studies

December 15, 2021
January 10, 2022
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The comprehensive course curriculum is designed to help you benefit from a sophisticated understanding of the U.S. Legal system.  The program will over two introductory courses and eight upper-level courses that concentrate on business-related subjects, building on and eventually supplementing, UC College of Law’s strength in business law.

The program will also help you to stay ahead of current legal trends and issues.  Many graduates of our online Master of Legal Studies degree program advance in their current careers upon obtaining new skills and knowledge pertaining to the legal system.

Master of Legal Studies Program Highlights:
  • Graduate in as few as 1.5 years taking 6 credits per semester for 5 total semesters
  • 30 total semester hours taught 100% online
  • Three enrollment periods each year: 1 fall, 1 spring, 1 summer
  • Curriculum combines cutting-edge theory with real-world application
Master of Legal Studies Courses include:
  • Legal Research and Communication
  • American Legal System
  • Business Law
  • Risk Management
  • Privacy & Cybersecurity Law
  • Contracts: Negotiation, Formation & Interpretation
  • Administrative Law
  • Compliance
  • Employment Law
  • Capstone Experience

Introduction to Law

The course introduces students to the essential vocabulary and concepts needed to work within the U.S. legal system. The course provides an introduction to substantive areas of the law which serve as the foundation for upper-level courses. The Constitutional Law portion of this course introduces students to the Constitution’s enumeration and limitation of the powers of the national government, the principles of federalism and the sovereignty of states in the federal system, the distribution of powers across the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the national government, and the practice of judicial review. Additional content areas included Tort Law and Property Law may be included. Finally, this course will also include an orientation to the MLS program.

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