Master of Legal Studies Testimonials: Master of Legal Studies

Master of Legal Studies Testimonials: Master of Legal Studies
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Master of Legal Studies Testimonials

Edreece R. shares his thoughts on the Legal Studies Master’s program.Edreece R. Master of Legal Studies Alumni

“I’m 100% confident I’m a better professional because of the program. This degree has helped me have more meaningful input and discussions of managing distinct aspects of my current role and prepare for future opportunities. Specially, it has allowed me to enhance my legal literacy for the purposes of engaging in contract law and employment law.”

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Amanda R. reflects on the program as a recent graduate of Legal Studies.

“It’s a great way to expand your legal knowledge without making the huge commitment of law school. The material was interesting and can be applied to many different situations.”

Amanda’s experience in the University of Cincinnati’s online MLS program serves as a source of inspiration for other professionals who may be considering a master’s degree in legal studies. Her transformative experience offers a glimpse into the potential benefits of combining healthcare and law.
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Luke N.  explains how the curriculum impacted his decision to enroll in the Legal Studies program                     

“I wanted to increase my knowledge of the legal system and I was motivated to enroll because the Master of Legal Studies curriculum covers material that is found in nearly every profession and can provide a new perspective to my current position.”

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Hope K. speaks highly of the Master of Legal Studies Experienced Faculty

“I was thoroughly impressed with the UC Master of Legal Studies program. As a UC Alumni, I knew this program would be taught by top notch faculty but once I started the program I found their credentials, professional backgrounds, and professional level of knowledge surpassed my expectations. Not only are they exceptionally knowledgeable, but they are also dedicated to teaching, being responsive to students, and are very approachable with questions. I feel that as a student I am valued and that my success is important to them.



Kirk B. shares how the Legal Studies Capstone Project applied to his current role

Kirk’s end-of-program capstone project dealt with Florida’s Sunshine Law. He describes it as an intricate piece of legislation that concerns public access to government meetings and records and says, “This statute was one I had to follow to assure compliance by my agency. This statute also has a lot of litigation, in part, because of the way it is written.”

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