MS-MLSL Student Testimonials: Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership

April 12, 2023
May 08, 2023
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MS-MLSL Student Testimonials

Marion Collins - MLSL Graduate

Marion Collins | MS-MLSL Graduate & Laboratory Supervisor

What motivated you to seek this program through UC Online over other institutions?

I was motivated to seek a master’s degree in medical laboratory science leadership to further my knowledge and career in the laboratory.

I chose UC Online over the other institutions due to the courses being online and the curriculum would provide me with further knowledge in the clinical laboratory science field. The curriculum would help prepare me for more advanced positions such as laboratory manager or director. Also, UC Online’s MLSL program allows laboratory professionals from all laboratory backgrounds to attend.

What would you say to someone considering this program or another program at UC Online?

I would say they should understand the MLSL program requires dedication and focus on the course curriculum. The MLSL program is a master’s program which means you need to be able to think critically and not just memorize the material.

Overall, would you recommend UC Online to Others?

Yes, I would recommend UC Online to others. I believe that the MLSL program allows laboratory professionals the opportunity to further their knowledge and prepare them for more advanced positions in the laboratory career field. Also, the online program allows one to achieve a master’s degree while still being able to balance work, home, and school.

I also would like to share that the faculty educators and program director (Dr. Tille) of the MLSL online program are remarkable individuals who are dedicated to helping and expanding the knowledge of laboratory professionals.


Sarah Joworski, Enrolled in the Masters of Medical Laboratory of Science Leadership ProgramSarah Jaworski | MS-MLSL Graduate & Laboratory Supervisor

What inspired you to pursue this opportunity at UC Online?

I want to eventually become a program director of a Medical Laboratory Science program, which requires a master’s degree. Receiving a master’s degree has always been a goal of mine and I know I would regret not pursuing this opportunity.

I had heard of UC’s excellent reputation of their undergraduate MLS (Medical Laboratory Science) program and expected nothing less going into graduate school. I like my employer in Indiana and knew I wanted to continue working and earning money and laboratory experience while pursuing a higher education.

Overall, how would you describe the online learning experience?

I found the online experience to be flexible given my work schedule. I work overnights at my hospital full time, where I constantly work weekends, holidays, and overtime. Being able to complete my assignments at any time of the day in any environment was essential to succeed in my professional career and as a student.

What were your expectations of the program and do you feel they were met?

Going into the master’s program, I knew it would concentrate more on academic writing compared to constant tests and exams that I faced in undergraduate school. I was correct in this assumption. I was also expecting to learn more about creating and teaching medical curricula which this program did by providing me with foundational knowledge I will take with me as I pursue a future career in MLS education.

What do you plan to do with your degree?

I recently accepted a position at IU Health as a Laboratory Supervisor, a position I was able to apply for because of this degree. Eventually, I would like to become an MLS clinical instructor and then an MLS program director.

Overall, would you recommend UC Online to others?

Yes. They are an established institution in the Midwest for Medical Laboratory Scientists that can provide a great deal of resources and opportunities for scientists who are continuing to learn and grow in the MLS Field.


Lydia Mack, MS-MLSL GraduateLydia Mack | MS-MLSL Graduate & Clinical Research Professional

What motivated you to seek this degree program?

I previously earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in microbiology. I was thinking about starting a Master of Public Health degree before I found an advertisement for the Medical Laboratory Science Leadership degree. I ultimately decided to pursue this degree to expand my career opportunities and further advance my understanding of clinical microbiology.

Why did you select UC Online over other institutions?

UC is the only local university offering this degree and I had previously used textbooks published by the program director during my previous degree progressions. I work and live in Cincinnati, so UC was high on my list of options when considering where to enroll for an advanced degree. The goals and mission of the MLSL program aligned with my values, so UC was an easy choice.

What were your main concerns about enrolling in this or any online program?

I was very nervous but excited to begin this program. I came into the program with an MS in microbiology and research laboratory experience. Despite completing an MS program before, I did not know what to expect when pursuing a medical laboratory science degree. Dr. Tille, the program director, motivated and supported me throughout the courses to make sure I was performing well and completing assignments, which I am so grateful for. I could not be happier with my decision to pursue this program.

What would you say to someone who is considering this program at UC Online?

The UC online experience is a wonderful way to earn a degree on your own time. You can easily incorporate your studies into your personal and work schedules, and the format is customizable. You can take as few or as many courses as you wish to take on during a semester, and the option of flex semester courses is helpful for completing courses in shorter time-frames, allowing you to complete credit requirements in shorter time frames. If you are on the fence about starting a degree at UC online, you won’t regret giving it a try.

What do you plan to do with your degree?

I am planning to study for and complete the American Society of Clinical Pathology Microbiology & Molecular Biology Certifications. I will leverage the knowledge and experience gained from completing this degree to improve my current career role and investigate potential career opportunities in clinical laboratory science and research.