Tuition: Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership

Tuition: Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership
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Active Military & Veteran Scholarship

You could be eligible for up to $1,500 per semester. Learn more about UC Online's military scholarship opportunities for active duty personnel and veterans!

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Program Fee Overview

Program Fee Part-Time (total cost per credit hour)
Instructional Fee $662.00
General Fee $39.80
ITIE Fee $18.00
Distance Learning Fee $26.20
Program Fee $8.00
Total Cost per Credit (Resident) $754.00
Non-Resident Surcharge $15.00
Total Cost per Credit (Non-Resident) $769.00
Costs are subject to change at any time. Full-Time total costs are total tuition costs per semester.

Tuition & Financial Support

Costs are subject to change at any time. Full-time tuition rates unavailable as program operates on part-time enrollment only.

Medical Laboratory Science Leadership Scholarship Opportunities:

There are several scholarship opportunities that you may qualify for through the College of Allied Health Sciences. These  opportunities are valued at more than $1000. The deadline to apply for Summer 2024 Scholarships is March 11th, 2024. Contact our Enrollment Services Advisors with any questions.

UC Student Recruitment Scholarship: $1000, one-time

  • Available To: Any University of Cincinnati undergraduate alumni accepted into a graduate program

College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) Active Military & Veteran Scholarship: $1500 per semester

  • Available To: Active military or veteran applicants applying to a program within the College of Allied Health Sciences

College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) Recruiting Scholarship: Up to $1500, one-time

  • Available To: Students outlining qualities in their personal statements that meet the CAHS leadership priorities
    • GPA Requirement: 3.5 or Higher

2nd Year Student Scholarship: $1000, one-time

  • Available To: 2nd year students who demonstrate leadership in academics outlined in their scholarship application
    • Separate application process required


Learn more about financial aid at UC Online through the Student Financial Aid Office.




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