Careers: Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering

Careers: Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
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Career Opportunities

There are a variety of new career opportunities for graduates with a Masters in Electrical Engineering in emerging Industry 4.0 fields, including:

  • Data Sciences
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics (including autonomous systems)
  • Cyber Security
  • Additive Manufacturing
Is Electrical Engineering a Good Choice?

Electrical Engineering is a good choice for individuals who have a passion for Mathematics, Science, and Technology. You can follow your passions into almost any industry or career path. With the emergence of industry 4.0, this field will continue to grow and expand into the future.

Are Electrical Engineers in High Demand?

Electrical Engineers continue to be in high demand all across the industry. An electrical engineer’s median salary is just over $100,000 per year making this a high-paying and in-demand career option. With a 3% growth rate over the next 10 years, this industry will continue to need Electrical Engineers.

From a software engineer to a lead designer, graduates with a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering may take a career path in multiple directions.

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Occupation Median Wage Projected Growth
Data Scientists $103,500 9%
Electrical Engineers $103,320 2-4%
Electronics Engineers, Except Computer $108,170 5-8%
Computer Hardware Engineers $132,360 5-8%
Great for those with experience in:
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
Business Roles:
  • System Designer
  • Software Designer
  • Hardware Designer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer