Careers: Master of Science in Sport Administration

December 01, 2019
30 credit hours
January 13, 2020

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UC Online’s Master of Sport Administration degree prepares students for a long list of career opportunities in high schools, universities and professional sports. Behind every successful sports team, venue and competition is a collection of dedicated professionals making it all happen.

Employment in the field is very competitive, but our program can open doors into the fast-paced and exciting industry of sport administration and management. With our curriculum, you’ll graduate with the financial, operational and marketing knowledge needed to enter the field the day after graduation.

Career Opportunities with a Masters in Sport Administration

While completing your degree, you will also have the opportunity to complete the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association Certification (NIAAA) Program. The NIAAA program is known for cultivating a high standard of excellence as it helps prepare you for countless career opportunities including:

  • Athletic Director
  • Public Relations Director
  • Facility Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Event Coordinator
  • Marketing Director
  • Finance Director
  • Corporate Partnerships Manager
  • Student Athlete Advising Services
  • Athletic Administrator

The position of athletic administrator is one of the most common in the field. These are the central decision makers responsible for supervising almost every aspect of an athletic department or sports organization.

Those with an increased focus for an organization may want to work as event coordinators, guest relations managers or facility operations managers. These roles focus on the event itself, ensuring effective game day coordination, facilitating guest experiences and acting as the liaison between the event staff, team and fans.

Marketing is another high-demand area within the realm of sports management. Sports marketing professionals manage conversations about their franchise. They may also oversee sponsorships and have a hand in all public relations activity. Similarly, a corporate partnerships manager seeks out new opportunities for relationships that are mutually beneficial to both brands.

Financial and contract analysts focus on ensuring that the team or organization is fiscally sound and responsible. They can also analyze incoming contracts to make sure they represent the best interests of the organization.

Student Testimonials
“I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without University of Cincinnati Online's MS Sport Administration degree. High school athletics require crazy schedules. The professors relate because they know it from personal experience. They do a tremendous job making the online format as accessible as possible. ”

Brandon S., MS Sport Administration, Class of 2018
Assistant Athletic Director at Roger Bacon High School

“It was very difficult to find an online program that could work around my coaching schedule, but the online sport administration master’s program at the University of Cincinnati gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams at my pace. The professors were very supportive in assisting me to explore avenues and ideas for becoming an athletic director that will benefit me for the remainder of my administrative career. As a coach, and aspiring athletic director, I learned a great deal about what it takes to coordinate an athletic department; from marketing, to revenue generation, to risk management – I came into the program with limited knowledge in these areas, but left with a ton of experience.”

Derrick Taylor

“The University of Cincinnati Sports Administration Master’s program provided the education and experience I needed to advance myself in the sports industry. I was able to take classes and work as a Graduate Assistant for the UC Athletics Department. Specifically, the online courses were very beneficial because with varied work hours I could take classes to obtain my degree. Every expectation I had for the program was met. The professors become your mentors; and professors along with other Sport Administration students become a professional network in the industry as well as life-long friends. I am very appreciative of my time in the UC Sports Administration Master’s program and I believe it gave me the tools I needed to eventually get my position in marketing at UConn Division of Athletics. And now I'm currently moving on to work for Army West Point Athletics, Development Department.”

Hannah Hinsch
UConn Division of Athletics- Marketing

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