BTAS Testimonials: Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies in Applied Administration

BTAS Testimonials: Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies in Applied Administration
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BTAS Testimonials

What Our Students & Alumni Are Saying

“I’m a full-time employee and musician. The program has afforded me the flexibility to maintain both careers while simultaneously pursuing a bachelor’s degree. The online experience allows me to meet assignment, test, and exam deadlines at my own pace. I’ve been able to meet the required expectations because each class is designed with weekly modules that consist of assignment instructions, information, and expected due dates. My professors have made themselves available to respond to all of my inquiries and needs.
I’ve developed some very valuable relationships with my professors, fellow peers, and classmates through our online group assignments and projects. I believe I’ll be able to advance my career and utilize the knowledge I’ve acquired through this program.”

Jermaine G. – Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies Student


“Going into college, I truly was not sure what direction I wanted to go in. I think as an 18 year old it is hard to try to answer “what do you want to be when you grow up?” when I was just learning how to separate laundry loads. I knew I wanted to help people in some type of way so when I got accepted into the medical assisting program at UC is when I first learned about the BTAS program. My professor and mentor Jen DeMichael, really encouraged me to keep going after completing my associates degree in science. Very quickly I was able to know that the BTAS program was exactly where I needed to be. I truly feel like this program has shown me what my purpose is in this crazy thing we call life. This program allows different backgrounds with an associate’s degree to go to the next step. There is a wide range of what we can do with this degree which is one of the things that drew me to this program. The professors are accepting and caring but also go out of their way to work with you because in this program it usually is people working full time using their associate’s degree and going to school in hopes of moving up in their field of work.

Hannah N. – Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies Student


“The BTAS program taught me the managerial aspect of industry, and I thought that would transfer better in case of a career change or promotion. Plus, many major airlines require a bachelor’s degree to pilot.”

Allan N. – Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies Graduate


“My advice to other students thinking about the bachelor (BTAS) program at UC is not to overthink it. Just get in touch with someone at the college who can help with transferring your credits and get started. My bachelor degree won’t just help me on a personal level; it will also help future employers and investors see that I have the dedication and commitment to go the extra mile.”

Sunnie L. – Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies Graduate