Transfer Students for MLT-to-MLS Program: BS in Medical Laboratory Science

March 15, 2023
May 08, 2023
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On October 5, Erin Rumpke, our program director, led a live information session on Zoom. Click through to view the session recording & hear her answers to questions from our applicants.


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Transfer Students for MLT-to-MLS Program

Transfer your Associate Degree Credits into our BS in Medical Laboratory Science Program

University of Cincinnati Online makes it easy to transfer your MLT/CLT degree credits into our bachelor’s degree completion program. We accept transfers from any student with an associate’s degree from a NAACLS accredited institution, who meets GPA requirements.

We also have articulation agreements set up with some institutions, making the application process easier and standardized for students from those programs.

You are not required to have your degree from one of these institutions to be eligible for transfer credit. If your program is not listed, your credit will be evaluated individually for transfer and may take some time to process.

We are currently accepting new college partnerships for agreements. In the links below, you can view the full 4-year path across both institutions to help with 4-year planning.

Below is a list of our current community and technical college partners:

For the most up-to-date information on University of Cincinnati Online articulation agreements, please visit our Articulation Agreement page.