Application Guide for Business Partnership Employees

UC Online Application Guide

So you’ve decided you want to pursue a degree through your company’s partnership with University of Cincinnati Online. You’ve made an excellent choice for yourself and your future. Pursuing a degree will open the door to great opportunities, increase your salary potential, and allow you to meet your personal goals.

Now it’s time to begin your UC Online application. But where do you begin? With the help of this article and our trusted UC Online advisors, we’ll walk you through two simple steps to getting started.

How to Begin Your UC Online Application

Step 1: Talk with Your HR Representative

Each company that we partner with has a specific program, and each of these is unique. Your company may have certain benefits, like flexible financing, tuition reimbursement, stipends for books and materials, or additional scholarships if you meet specific criteria.

Additionally, your company may have educational benefits that are specific to meeting their business needs. For example, if your company is hoping to upskill you from a consultant to a senior-level manager, they may partner with us so that you can pursue your MBA — giving you the tools you need to lead an efficient and productive team.

At this point in the process, your HR representative will likely have you fill out some forms and give you guidance on how to make the most of your company’s benefits. Be sure to save all your forms into one organized folder and pay special attention to any important deadlines you’ll need to meet.

Step 2: Contact a UC Online advisor

To get started, fill out our contact form. Once you submit the form, a UC Online advisor will be in touch shortly to discuss a few things with you. This first chat is very casual and helps the advisor learn more about you and your needs. Be prepared to discuss the following:

The company you work for

By learning a bit about the company that employs you, a UC Online advisor can access more detailed information about the partnership. You’ll also need to cover what you and your company’s HR representative have discussed, the forms you’ve filled out, and what next steps your HR representative gave.

Where you are in your education journey

People attend UC Online from all stages of the educational journey. Some are pursuing their undergraduate degree for the first time. Others are coming back from a hiatus. or are looking to pursue graduate studies. Where do you fall in the educational journey? By discussing this with your advisor, we can help you make the most out of the application process.

Your desired program

Once you are locked in on your area of study, you can take the next (and final) step before you begin your educational journey. If you are torn between a few programs and aren’t sure which degree to pursue, your advisor can help steer you in the right direction. Get to know what’s available — take some time beforehand to browse our program offerings.

Your financial aid preferences

UC online financial aid has some scholarships and tuition plans that are extremely helpful for people pursuing an online degree. Along with your employer partnership, you may be able to get a college education that is fully or partially funded. Your advisor will help you understand what deadlines are approaching in relation to your degree program, financial aid, and any other time-critical considerations.

The benefits of a degree with UC Online

At UC Online, we help you create your dream career path — wherever, and whenever. Our flexible programs are of the same quality as in-person courses but give you the freedom to complete them on your schedule and at a pace that works for you. Plus, you’ll enjoy:

  • Mentorship and support. We’ll help you one-on-one throughout your journey. Your Student Success Coordinator is just a call away if you have questions or concerns.
  • Premier higher learning. UC Online is considered a premier research and higher learning institution, and our online programming is of the same integrity as any other program.
  • Flexible schedules. All of our courses are taught asynchronously — meaning you can study where and when works best for you.

You’ve made a great choice. By making this investment in yourself and your future, you’re creating a better path forward for your loved ones. Earning a degree may be a challenge, but with the support of UC Online from day one to the day you graduate, we’ll be there with the resources you need to reach your goals.

Get started with your UC online application. Chat with your HR representative, then contact us today.

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