Associate Business Management Student Achieves Her Educational Goals

Lana C. never thought she’d achieve her goal of becoming a Bearcat and earning her associate degree in business.

One day while talking with her husband, she told him she thought she was ready to go back and finish her degree. Soon after, she enrolled in the Associate Business Management Technology degree program at UC Online.

“With my six kids, I wanted to show that you can work hard and get what you need to be done,” said Lana.

Desire to Earn Her Business Associate Degree

Before enrolling in the business management degree program, Lana already had a management background – working as a mid-level manager for three years at a veterinary distributor in Texas.

“I wanted to get into the business management program because it would help me in my current job,” said Lana. “I choose the program to better myself and move up the corporate ladder. When your managers are well-trained, you get a much better team and environment.”

Why the University of Cincinnati Online

When Lana lived in Cincinnati, her main goal was to earn her degree at the University of Cincinnati and become a Bearcat because she loved the school so much. Lana was upset when she moved back to Texas because she thought she’d have to give up on her dream. She hadn’t realized that UC offered 100% online classes. When she realized UC Online existed, she was thrilled.

After seeing the perks of online classes and how easy it was to talk to the professors, she felt like her choice to attend UC Online was solidified.

For Lana, the application process was quick. When she applied, she was surprised that the process was more supportive and faster than she’d experienced at other educational institutions. Her Student Success Coordinator reached out to ensure her application was completed, which she appreciated. Lana felt supported throughout the entire process.

The support Lana receives at UC Online is paramount to her because she has a learning disability that makes coursework and learning more challenging. It’s the kind of support she hadn’t received while trying to continue her education at other institutions.

“I feel like I constantly have support – professors speaking with me or even motivating me to continue. And you know what, I’m doing well, which is a big deal for people like me,” said Lana. “They need that constant motivation to keep going. And so, it does help. I haven’t found a professor that I didn’t feel comfortable talking to.”

Lana is happy she chose to attend UC Online, especially after speaking with family members attending other online universities. She’s sure she made the right choice.

“At UC Online, you can go at your own pace,” said Lana. “You don’t have to rush to get onto the computer, and everything is already there for you. It does help, especially for people like me who have learning disabilities. I need something right there, and I see it in Canva or the syllabus, and it tells me this is due then.”

Lana was hesitant about going back to school. She was worried about the workload until she realized that classes were seven weeks, not 14 weeks which she finds works better for her. When she goes into a new class, she understands what she should expect from the class, and she’s found that the professors don’t wait until the last minute to release the syllabus.

“They put the syllabus and introductory information a few days before class starts, so you kind of get to know them a little bit, and understand what to expect from the class,” said Lana.

Lana said she’d recommend online courses and UC Online to anyone.

Ready to Apply and Accomplish Your Dreams?

It is never too late to return to school and pursue a degree. UC Online offers you the support you need from start to graduation. Learn more about our online business management degree or discover all the degrees and programs offered at the University of Cincinnati Online by visiting,

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