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Jumpstart Your Career with an Online Associate Degree in Marketing Management

Marketing has been around for two centuries, if not longer. Wherever people had something to sell, marketing played a role, even if it went by another name.

Some timeworn business activities get stale over time (cold-calling prospects, anyone?), but marketing is one thing that never gets old for the practitioners who enjoy working in this field. Why is this? There is no shortage of new markets, new customers to target, or new marketing tools and tactics try. Simply, marketing is an evolving field – where every day is different.

If the idea of continually learning new things and delivering real value to companies excites you, a career in marketing could be a great fit for you.

Marketing is Here, There, Everywhere

Marketing Graduate student pointing to sticky note in hallwayCompanies of every size need marketing professionals to create effective marketing strategies keep their businesses going. Sometimes, this means a large team is doing the work with specialists focused on different types of marketing. Other times, it’s one or two people carrying the marketing load.

However, these convince-and-convert activities are being handled, marketers are behind the scenes working on critical business initiatives. Some efforts target prospects, nurturing them along the ‘sales pipeline’ that takes people from prospective customer to a paying customer who signs on the dotted line to buy a product or service.

Other marketers’ efforts might be focused on retaining customers — a vital business initiative that treats current business as invaluable. This work could include developing a customer appreciation event or creating an email newsletter that goes out each month to existing customers.

Entry-Level Marketing Jobs with Business Skills

Virtually every business needs marketing, which means the career opportunities for experienced marketers — and those new to the field — are almost unlimited.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for marketing-related positions (i.e. promotions and marketing management) is projected to grow a steady six percent between now and 2029. That’s faster than the average for all other occupations.

Is your experience in marketing limited or even non-existent? Then you’ll be excited to know there are many entry-level marketing positions that companies are actively seeking to fill.

Some entry-level marketing jobs have “coordinator” or “assistant” in the title — for example, these four:

  • Marketing coordinator
  • Event coordinator
  • Sales promotion assistant
  • Market research assistant

Newer-on-the-horizon (circa the last 15 years or so), there are entry-level marketing roles that go by these names:

  • Social media coordinator
  • Email marketing coordinator
  • Digital marketer
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) assistant
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) coordinator
A Degree Can Be a Difference-Maker

Marketing Graduate student in job interview

Since nearly every business business professional who understand marketing, you’ll find many job opportunities being advertised. One way to stand out among the hundreds of applications who apply for each position is by having a two-year degree in marketing management.

Don’t have an associate degree? Working toward a degree is the next best thing. You can include a ‘my degree is in progress’ bullet on your resume to show a hiring manager you’re motivated to learn and are making marketing education a priority.

Earning an associate degree in marketing management is easier today, thanks to study programs that can be completed 100% online with no on-campus requirement. Here at University of Cincinnati Online, our Associate of Applied Business in Marketing Management Technology degree program fits the bill.

Online Marketing Curriculum

The curriculum for this degree includes a rich mix of courses that supplement marketing and are relevant to business. A few of these courses include management, finance, accounting, economics and computer applications — such as these three:

  • Fundamentals of Management – Explore the theories and techniques of management with an overview of managerial functions, organizational communication and group theories.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – This course encompasses all areas of online marketing, such as social media, SEO, CRM systems and more.
  • Fundamentals of Business Finance – Here, you’ll learn how to read and to use financial statements and explore concepts like capital management, capital budgeting, financial leverage, capital structure and cost of capital.

Benefits of an Online Associate Degree

Working toward your associate degree in marketing management will require your time and energy. That’s no surprise, right? But what you might not know is that studying online is easier, more flexible and more interactive than it was just a few years ago.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you’re enrolled in UC’s Applied Business in Marketing Management Technology degree program:

  • Study full or part-time: If you’re attending full-time, you should complete the degree in two years.
  • Interact with students from around the world: Meeting and studying with people who live in the US and outside it makes for an engaging and diverse educational experience.
  • Right from day one, get support from our UCO team: A Student Success Coordinator is here to answer questions about the online degree process and help you manage your time as you complete your associate degree.
  • Join the Bearcat community: Once you become a Bearcat, you’re part of a proud heritage with thousands of other students and alumni. You’ll likely keep in touch with your new friends and connections for the rest of your life.
Ready to Become Skilled in Marketing and Business?

At UC Online, we’re focused on meeting the needs of today’s modern students. We have more than 20 years of experience in the online education space. ranks us as #1 in Ohio and #16 nationally as an online college leader — designations we work hard to keep and improve upon.

Our staff is here to help you take your first step toward your associate degree in marketing. Connect online with an advisor today, or call our associate degree specialists’ team at 833-556-4428 to learn more about the Associate of Applied Business in Marketing Management Technology degree program.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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