Why Employers Need More People With IT Skills

If you’re searching for a new career and aren’t sure what’s the best choice for you, consider working in IT. Why? Because information technology is the fastest-growing sector of the workforce. There are almost a half-million IT jobs in the U.S. alone, and the number of positions will surely grow. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that employment of computer and information systems (CIS) managers should increase by 11% from now through 2030.

But what if you’re not ready to have the “CIS manager” job title? The good news is you can step into the IT industry, working in numerous entry-level roles (we cover this appealing aspect soon).

Every Business Needs People Who Work in IT

People start their career in IT for a variety of reasons. One is how they can find a great IT position in almost every business and industry and every region of the country. Want to work in a corporate job, for a smaller firm or a nonprofit? There are open IT positions at each of these organizations and in every corner of the nation. (Across the globe, too, of course!)

Need proof? A recent search of LinkedIn job postings generated 797,373 hits, with 257,883 categorized as entry-level. That’s a lot of IT jobs, no matter how you slice it.

Benefits of an Associate Degree in IT

Even though the number of open junior IT positions is massive, employers still want to hire the best people. And as an employer reviews a person’s resume, they’ll consider several areas, such as your experience and education.

If your IT job experience and education are on the light side, you can catch a future employer’s attention by including a bullet on your resume that says you’re working toward an associate degree in IT. And we can’t think of a better, more flexible and well-suited program than the University of Cincinnati Online (UC Online)  Associate of Applied Business in Information Technology (AAB in IT) degree.

Our students pick UC because of its stellar reputation for online learning (more than two decades now) and 200-plus years of higher education excellence that is known not only in Ohio but across the nation.

IT students also appreciate:

  • The program, which is offered 100% online, welcomes both full and part-time students.
  • They can start their IT education in the fall, spring or summer.
  • The program curriculum is relevant to what IT pros need to know today. UC’s courses include information security, digital media, web development and computer programming.
  • They interact with fellow students across the U.S. and value how these VIP connections will jump-start their careers in IT.

IT Skills Employers Want

Technical knowledge is expected when you work in IT, and these are some of employers’ must-knows for candidates they interview:

  • Computer programming
  • Computer networking
  • Database management
  • Web programming
  • Application development
  • System administration
  • Network infrastructure
  • Information security

Your prospective employer will also be interested in knowing what else you can bring to the table that’s not technically focused. This is why our AAB in IT program includes the Introduction to Interpersonal Communication course, where you learn about verbal and nonverbal communication, perception, listening, emotions, relationship development and conflict.

Since working in IT often requires you to have effective communication skills that extend beyond the verbal, the Intermediate Composition course focuses its attention on bettering your writing, research and analytical skills.

IT Students Collaborating

Find out how an associate degree in Information Technology opens new career opportunities for you.

Designed With Your Success in Mind

Being a leader in the online education space means delivering our IT-focused curriculum in a way that’s modern and easy to access. Whether you study at home, on your lunch break or in a coffee shop, course material is available 24/7. In addition, you’ll find the tools you need to interact with instructors and other students, including applications like Microsoft Teams which many businesses rely on today.

Technology is great (we’re talking about IT after all) — but here’s another unique aspect of studying at UC Online that we can’t fail to mention: It’s the one-on-one support from a Student Success Coordinator. They partner with you from the time you enroll through your graduation. Their mission is to make sure you excel in the IT associate degree program and that you get the most from your time here at UC Online. (Learn more about the role we call a difference-maker.)

How To Get Started in IT

Now that you know more about the opportunities of working in IT and what it’s like to study at UC Online, you may be wondering about the best next step you can take. Here’s our suggestion: Email an Enrollment Services Advisor or call them at 833-556-4428. They’re here to answer any questions you have about the associate degree in IT program — from the application process to tuition and financial aid to our support of students serving in the military and more.

A career in IT is within your reach, and our AAB in IT team and instructors look forward to helping you get there.

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