Up for a Career Change? Here’s Why Information Technology Could Be Perfect For You

Are you experiencing job burnout? If so, you’re not alone. Global employment website Monster.com recently reported that a whopping 95% of workers would like to leave their job for a new one.

While the effect of the pandemic likely plays a role in employee dissatisfaction, Monster’s poll says that job burnout and minimal growth opportunities are the predominant drivers, at 32% and 29%, respectively.

Starting a new job can be a refreshing change that busts the blahs. But, of course, a job change can come with stress. Starting a new role isn’t always easy. What about making a complete industry change? That is a whole challenge on it’s own. How do you get experience in an industry that’s right for you?

One industry that’s booming right now — and has been for decades — is Information Technology (IT). And you can probably guess why. Just look around your workplace and home and to the world we live in. Our technology-focused society is supported by millions of IT professionals around the globe, working for corporations, small businesses, nonprofits and every other business sector you can imagine.

The ever-present need for IT pros means that people with the right work experience and education can confidently go after good-paying technology jobs. They can change jobs more easily, too, since there’s always a ready supply of IT job openings to explore.

If your background or schooling doesn’t emphasize technology, working toward an associate degree in IT can be a great first step for you. And thanks to online education, where you can get a degree at the same time you’re working and living life, you won’t have to quit your day job (as “they” say) right away.

Get an IT Degree in Just Two Years

The University of Cincinnati Online’s Associate of Applied Business in Information Technology program is a well-known and highly regarded online program. It’s centered on everything you need to know to start a career in IT, from software to cloud computing to information storage.

You can complete the program in two years or longer if you attend part-time. You interact with instructors and fellow students from across Ohio and beyond, finding everything you need to be just a click away — study material, online collaboration and messaging tools and other resources we provide you.

The AAB IT program’s curriculum is designed for people who want a well-rounded technology education with fast-paced, interactive courses.

In the IT program, you’ll find:
  • Several “fundamentals” classes where you gain a high-level understanding of key IT focus areas, such as open-source technologies, digital media and quantitative reasoning.
  • Courses that expose you to coding — computer programming, web development and contemporary programming. (Not everyone who works in IT is a programmer, but understanding what’s involved in coding can help you get more attention in the job market.)
  • Database management, system administration and network infrastructure classes. Exploring these specialty areas helps you connect the dots on IT’s role that stretches throughout an organization.

IT Students Collaborating

Explore how an associate degree in IT can open doors for you and provide good-paying roles such as a computer systems analyst and computer support specialist.

Salaries for Entry-Level IT Jobs

If your interest in IT includes hopes of a higher paycheck, you’ll be glad to know people who work in IT can make some serious money. And even if you’re new to IT, you can out-earn many jobs that aren’t in high-growth areas, like technology.

The salary reporting site Glassdoor.com says that entry-level IT jobs in the US pay $61,715 annually, on average. And talent solution firm RobertHalf.com says this about the IT field:

The ongoing demand for tech workers coupled with attractive salaries makes information technology quite the promising career path. As a result, many job seekers are eager to hitch their wagons to this industry’s star and try to land entry-level IT jobs. But where exactly do you start when trying to launch yourself into the tech field? What is the best starting position to aim for? Fortunately, there are numerous roles that can help you begin your career.”

Robert Half includes these entry-level positions in its “top eight” list, with salaries ranging from about $40,000–$118,000, dependent on industry, location and your ability to be a good negotiator when it comes to job-offer time:

1.      Computer operator

2.      Database administrator

3.      Front-end web developer

4.      Help desk analyst

5.      PC technician

6.      Quality assurance analyst

7.      Software developer

8.      Technical writer

Lifetime Opportunity to Work in IT

There’s another benefit to making a career change to IT that you may not have considered. There’s the potential for you to spend the rest of your career working in IT. One of the reasons this is possible is because technology is constantly evolving. New platforms, systems, computer languages and programming tools spring up regularly, so there’s never a dull moment as there can be in slower-paced industries.


If you search online for fast-growing areas in technology, you’ll find cybersecurity, Internet of Things (or IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and more. While you may not know today whether these areas could be of interest to you, it’s good to know what today’s IT professionals are working on. With no end in sight to our digitally powered world, you could, indeed, spend the rest of your career in IT, working on exciting, new and yet-to-be-discovered specialty areas.

Take This Step Toward Your IT Career

Moving into the IT industry might feel like a big step right now. There’s so much to learn, new technologies to wrap your brain around and many IT roles to consider. Here’s the good news: You don’t have to figure this all out today — so why not take the first step and get in touch with University of Cincinnati Online to learn more about our popular AAB in Information Technology program.

You can send a message to an Enrollment Services Advisor or call the team at 833-556-4428. (They’re here Monday–Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern.) An advisor can answer your questions about our IT associate degree program and can explain what’s involved in paying tuition, applying for aid and using your employer’s tuition reimbursement if that’s offered. They can also cover the ins and outs of the admission process and let you know when the next semester starts.

A career in IT offers many benefits — great pay, on-demand skills to acquire and a brisk job market. For many people, it’s just the opportunity they need to fight job burnout and try something new. Will switching careers to IT be a great choice for you? Time will tell — and you’re one step away from being able to discover the answer.

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