Careers: Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology

April 15, 2023
May 09, 2023


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Earning your Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology degree from the University of Cincinnati online can help you gain a fundamental understanding of the IDT landscape.  With ever increasing demand for effective online and blended learning in both educational institutions and corporate settings, the ability to create, manage and facilitate online learning is now, more than ever, vital for educators in every field.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for Instructional Coordinator roles is projected to grow 6 percent through 2029, which is faster than the average projections of all occupations.

You may pursue many different careers. Some of your opportunities for employment include the following:

  • Online instructors
  • Corporate online trainers
  • Teachers of e-learning
  • Online learning content developers
  • Technology professional development coordinators
  • E-learning consultants
  • Educational technology specialists
  • E-learning managers

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Student Testimonials
“Being in the IDT program at UC helped me build on my undergrad degree and opened so many doors for me that I never thought possible. Because of the UC IDT program, I now am working fulltime and have a career where I know I am making an impact on thousands of students every year. ”

Alexander V.

“I am thankful that I ventured into this IDT world, and have found unique ways to allow my background in early childhood and leading PDs for teachers, to inform my studies, and vice versa. My experiences have helped turn me into a well-known support system for many of my colleagues. Thank you for the part that this program has played. ”

Carmen R.

“The IDT program has greatly helped me in my job... I used the instructional design methods, online collaboration practices, and website design skills you taught in class. Thank you all for the program!”

Nathaniel H.

“I am aware of so many schools in our area that for all intents and purposes virtually closed doors because instructors did not have the technology skills to make the conversion to online. I am very grateful for this program because I had the tools "at the ready" to make such a conversion at a moments notice. ”

Emily M.

“The Instructional Design and Technology program granted me enormous freedom to pursue my interests with hands-on, project-based assignments. This flexibility allowed me to tailor my work and resume according to my interests in the IDT field.”

Mitchell C.

“The M.Ed IDT program helped me obtain the position I am in now. I gained real-world experience while working on group projects with students who were in the educational technology field. The program has also helped me gain valuable skills to aid in my growth as an Instructional Technologist.”

Josie W.