BAPS Student Testimonials: Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies

BAPS Student Testimonials: Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies
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BAPS Student Testimonials

GabrieGabrielle Williams, BAPS Studentlle Williams | BAPS Student

What’s your Current Status in the Bachelor’s in Professional Studies Program?

I was part of the first cohort to participate in this program, and it has been the conversation within my friend group for a full semester now. I’m not just a student. I am a valued member of my cohort and I’m using my time to network with other professionals. We are bouncing ideas off of each other and inspiring growth. We are reflecting and growing at the same time and it’s a true bonding experience.

Describe your Professional and Educational Background. What Life Experience did you Have as a Professional Studies Student?

I have had the privilege of carving out an alternative path to success. A little over 12 years ago, I received an associate’s degree with a certificate in massage therapy. I worked for myself for 3 years, then went on to own and operate a boutique spa in the downtown of a well-known metropolis. I sold my business to travel around the world for two years. Now that I’m back in America I am finally getting a bachelor’s degree while I do my time on the corporate side of spa.

Why Choose UC Online Over Other Institutions?

Fast and easy acceptance, willingness to take credits from ten years ago. UC Online had two programs that piqued my interest. I decided to go with the program that allowed me the most flexibility in class selection.

What Did You Expect from the BAPS Foundations Course?

I thought the foundations portion of the course was only going to be centered around carving out my plan to graduate. It was so much more!

Having Finished the BAPS Foundations Course, What are Your Thoughts About It Now?

The foundations course was the highlight of my first semester. I was exposed to some concepts that became the conversation of my friend group, and I also learned some terminology about some concepts that I had already been attempting to express but lacked the verbiage. Even if I wasn’t going to finish, I’m glad I took the foundations course.

This program calls on you to reflect on, and evaluate your past experiences, while simultaneously exposing you to a growth mindset. The subjects we discussed during the first semester were so captivating and stimulating that since the semester has ended, I have pursued further independent learning.

Any other Thoughts?

For any professionals thinking about going back to finish their degree, I cannot recommend this program enough! The learning has been immediate and impactful!